May 6

Spring Clean the Negativity!


Today, we want to talk about how we can clear out the negativity in our lives.

With the longer days upon us, now is the perfect opportunity to make the most of our extra time in the mornings and evenings to have a spring clean. At Bootcamp SE16 we promote positive mindsets and we have some top tips on how to spring clean the negativity away!

✨Fitness Routine- A change in your fitness routine can not only improve your fitness and give you a sense of achievement, but also keep your stresses at bay due to the release of endorphins. If you want to begin exercising or stuck in a workout rut now is the time to take on a new class or hobby.

✨Take time out for yourself- This can be done through many different things such as a relaxing bath, a walk in nature, a beauty routine or reading your favourite book. Taking time for ourselves and giving self love relieves stress and anxiety

✨Check on your relationships- Take time to think about the relationships in your life including family, friends and work colleagues. Only focus on the relationships that make you happy. If you aren’t getting back what you are putting into a relationship or feeling strain, it is definitely worth asking yourself is it worth still investing yourself.

✨Unplug from social media- Social media can be a huge distraction for our productivity. Furthermore, scrolling through many edited pictures and unrealistic lifestyles can lead to toxic mindsets. We suggest putting down your phone for a period each day to switch off. Ensure you are following positive, realistic and educating accounts so when you are scrolling you are learning and being inspired.

✨Analyse your Spending- With prices going up, now is a great time to sort through your finances. Find any subscriptions you are no longer using and cancel them or swop your weekly takeaway for a homemade fakeaway. A quick glance through your bank statement can save you ££’s so its well worth doing.

✨Declutter- The saying a “tidy home, tidy mind” is certainly true as living in a decluttered home is a great way to encourage a clear focused mindset and to enable us to switch off. Organise your belongings into categories such as jeans, books, chargers, cleaning products and go through each category and decide what to keep, donate to charity and sell. This can be a great way to earn extra money and you will feel content once your house only contains things you either need or love.

I do hope we have inspired you to spring into action!


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