December 1

Keeping Motivated throughout Winter

During the cold weather and dark nights it’s easy to lose the motivation and good habits you have built up throughout the year. But it doesn’t have to be that way – strong bodies are built in the winter and staying fit and healthy should be a year-round priority.

So to make it easier for you to hold yourself accountable here are my top tips on staying motivated:

Remember the reason why:
Think about why you are exercising and what the long term results and benefits to exercising will be. Ultimately, we’re all exercising for the outcome. Thinking about how good you’ll feel once you’ve hit your goal is a great motivator.

Schedule it in:
It’s so easy at this time of year to say yes to other things and no to our health and fitness. But objects in motion stay in motion, it is so much easier to keep going than to stop and try to start again. Get your sessions booked in at the start of the week which means your week is planned and it’s harder to get out of going.

Remember how far you have come:
Remember how far every single training session has taken you both physically and mentally. 

Be prepared:
Getting your kit ready the day before makes it easy to get going. Get changed at work and head straight for a workout! 

Get enough Sleep:
Ensure you are getting enough sleep so you are feeling energised to  train. We need extra sleep in the winter compared to summer, especially if you are woman so get those extra hours in! 

Focus on the positives
Exercising should be fun. Think about meeting new people and trying new workouts – but most importantly, remember how good you feel when you’ve worked out. Surely that’s the best motivator of all?

So, follow the advice  above and you’ll smash your workout through winter, making yourself fitter, stronger and happier throughout the colder months.


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