April 12

4 mistakes you’re making to getting and staying motivated


Motivation is vital – it can help you stay focused, positive and committed. But it’s not always easy to keep hold of it.
This week we’re exploring the four things that could be holding you back from getting and staying motivated.

1. Trying
Stop trying. It’s a reason to go half in, without really fully committing, and you’re not guaranteeing yourself any results. Instead of trying, decide to commit. Go all in and really decide that you’re going to commit to giving it your all. This is how you’ll see results.

2. Going it alone
Trying to solve an issue alone won’t get you very far as it’s just you and your thoughts. Instead, you need fresh ideas, new information and a different perspective to challenge your way of thinking and push you towards your goal. Find someone you can talk to, who can challenge your way of thinking and give you suggestions. This is going to help you change your current mind set and get motivated.

3. The Real Why
Not knowing the real reason why you’re trying to reach a goal can have an effect. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or hit a specific target, there’s probably an underlying reason why you’ve chosen that specific objective. It’s not always clear what this reason is so spend some time working it out. Once you’ve established the real reason behind your goals, you should feel your motivation soar as you’re working towards something you really, truly want to achieve. This is what will motivate you for the long term to keep working towards your goal.

4. Making your own rules
Making your own rules up as you go along is a dangerous thing to do. Once you’re making your rules up as you go, it’s quite likely you’re not going to stick to them. Your own rules can bend and break, ruining all your hard work and motivation. Instead work with someone who can hold you to account, follow a plan and monitor your success. That way you’re committed.

If you want to make big changes for the better, and achieve all the things that you’ve set out to achieve, then you need to start addressing these four factors. Then you’re going to start seeing true progress.

And if you need a helping hand along the way, then I’m here for you to bounce ideas off, help you to find the reason behind your goals and hold you to account.


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