June 4

5 Ways to stay fit with an office job when work takes over 


Of course here at Bootcamp SE16 we are huge advocates for exercise and movement in general; there are too many benefits to exercise for us not to be! 

However when work life takes over and you find yourself struggling to get out of the office on time or to tear yourself away from you desk to fit exercise in, here are 5 ways that you can still get some movement and cardiovascular exercise into your life:

1. Walk to work

This sounds simple and it is. Even if you live too far away from work, walk part of the way. Get off a few stops early and get a good 25 minute walk. You can rack up around 5000 steps in 25-30 minutes and 10,000 steps is equivalent to 30 minutes of vigorous exercise, so never underestimate the power of walking. 
Walking will help boost your circulation and energy levels so doing this before work is a great way to start the day.

2. The escalator lunge

If you take the tube to work, walk up the escalators. Don’t opt to stand on the right, instead take the plunge and get marching up those stairs! This will increase your step count along with helping activate those muscles in your legs. 

When you get into the building, climb the stairs rather than taking the lift.

3. Make time for break time

Take regular break intervals at your desk to get some movement in, set a timer if you have to. Everyone knows computers are bad for your eyes but sitting down too much isn’t great either, so take regular intervals and take a visit to the kitchen on a different floor, use the loo on a different floor and walk the stairs, or keep topping up your water. 

Also make sure you take lunch and use this time for exercise or even a 20 minute walk to pick up lunch.

4. Feng shui 

Arrange your desk a little differently. To incorporate more movement into your day, keep things you need far enough from you that you have to move around more in order to use them. 

Stand up where you can, effectively every time you stand up and sit down you’re performing a squat! So move your desk around or even keep snacks/water in the kitchen so you have to keep your movement up.

5. Live for the weekends 

Make use of the weekends, we know you’re tired but exercise will help boost those energy levels! Don’t get stuck in a rut and keep using the age old excuse that you’re tired, or it’ll just get harder to get back into it when things at work calm down. 

Book a class so you don’t have to think about anything, all you need to do is show up! Or book something fun like a game of football, badminton, tennis or netball.  Go for a mega walk to the thames barrier or drag a friend out for a run.  

However you manage to work it, fitting some exercise in over the weekend will help offset some of the inactivity from during the week.


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