March 23

5 ways we can help to boost motivation!


Here are 5 ways Bootcamp SE16 helps boost motivation and keeps their members accountable throughout the year.

Motivation levels naturally rise and fall throughout the year, it can be hard to stay on top of your fitness all the time, but our proven system keeps our members on track and here’s how:

💪Check in process – our initial check in is at the consultation process, where we first speak and find out what your goals are and where your current fitness levels lie. One month into our program we then have another check in call to see how you are progressing, how you feel about your new regime and to set some mini goals. We also do this again 3 months into our programme. This an important process, as it shows your achievements and how far you’ve come in a short time, which boosts morale and motivation.

💪 We have a regular consistent check in process for all members called our check in clinic. This is held every month and is a free session on zoom. It’s bookable through our booking system and we can touch upon anything such as a weight loss, improving running technique or any other fitness goals or concerns.

💪We also have a slipping away process! Our clever booking system lets us know when members haven’t been coming to sessions. We then either message or call to ensure everything is ok and to see what we can do to get you back to sessions.

💪Challenges– At set times of the year we run our own brand challenges in and out of our sessions, which are a super fun way to challenge yourself and help with accountability. We also use the Myzone system, which is a wearable heart rate tracker that awards you points when you work out. We have a group for Bootcamp SE16 members on Myzone so we can race against each other to earn this most points which is definitely a great motivator for a lot of our members!

💪Our coaches talk as a team to see how well members are doing, to discuss members needs and to come up with member of the month.  The team give special shout outs for hard working members  and also discuss members who perhaps needs more help in certain areas and how we can assist them. For some members who struggle with injury, as a team we set out alternative exercises if needed, so that they are supported throughout.

If you this sounds like something you need help with get in touch with us today to book a call and let’s dive into your goals and how we can help!


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