January 18

Achievable resolutions with the maximum benefits!


Have you thought about any New Years resolutions?

We believe more in goals than resolutions, but if you are looking to make any changes, here’s some ideas for things that are really achievable but can give you huge benefits 👇

✨ Start everyday by drinking a pint of water – this helps to flush out toxins from your body, it helps to plump your skin and keep your joints lubricated.  Rehydrating the body first thing allows for better digestion throughout the day.

✨ Get outside everyday – whether it’s a walk to the shops to grab some shopping, a walk around the hill with a friend, a Bootcamp session or a run, whatever you are able to fit in outside, DO IT!.

✨ Read more – reading is very relaxing and calming, it can help you sleep better, help lower blood pressure and keep you away from a screen.  Pick up a new book or a magazine, get into bed early and have some proper downtime reading before getting a good nights sleep.

✨ Sleep more– It is recommended we get between 7-9 hours sleep each night and getting enough good sleep is an essential part of looking after your physical and mental health. It increases our productivity, improves our mood, regulates our blood sugars and promotes cardiac health.

✨ Think about your input – rather than cut out a certain food, food group or alcohol, focus your mind into being conscious of what you’re putting in your body.  So a couple less biscuits over the week, one less night of drinking at the weekend, extra veggies with your dinner.  Getting into little habits will lead to bigger changes overall.

We hope you can pick one or two easy changes from the list above that we guarantee will have a positive aspect almost immediately on your life!

Here’s to an awesome 2023 🙌


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