June 1

Are you staying consistent with change?


“In the waves of change we find our direction”

Today we wanted to focus on how to stay consistent with exercise when life gets busy, the weather improves, you take a break to go on holiday or you’re busy looking after the kids during half term – whatever may crop up over the next couple of months, try your best to not undo all the hard work you’ve put in, here are our top tips on how to help combat that.

Make exercise social – now that life is returning to some normality and we’re back socialising again, it’s easy to get caught up with plans and put fitness at the bottom of your to do list.  Try to remember how good you feel when you do consistently exercise, try to get your workout in and then meet friends, or failing that, combine the two and workout with your friends!

Reshape your routine – if your kids are off for half term and you can’t get to your usual sessions, get a plan in place, look at the week as a whole and workout what you CAN do and when.  Try your best to stick to those times, even if it means waking up before your kids to get your workout in.  You’ll be able to get back on track quicker the following week if you don’t have a full week off.

Find your motivation – whatever it is that motivates you to exercise, write it down, refer back to it as a reminder on the days you don’t quite fancy it, or the weekends where you’re busy and struggling to find the time.  For some it’s a fitness goal, training for an event such as a marathon, for some it’s a weight loss aim, for some it’s maintaining strength to ward off aches and pains, what would you say is the main motivation for you?

Track your progress – there is no better way to see how far you’ve come than by comparing it with where you started.  Take measurements, write down how long and how far you can run, make a note of the heaviest weight you can lift or the number of reps you can do, then every week or couple of weeks measure it again and compare, enjoy seeing the progression you’re making.

Be realistic – remember something is better than nothing, if you have a busy week where you workout less don’t be disheartened, just look to improve on that for the following week.  Always focus on what you CAN and HAVE done rather than what you can’t or haven’t done. This will keep you moving forward rather than letting a gap in exercise get bigger and bigger.

What are you enjoying most with things opening back up?


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