March 31

Bootcamp has gone online – but what are the classes really like?


During these tough times, Bootcamp SE16 has gone online – helping our members, new members and their children stay active. This is because we firmly believe that being in self-isolation doesn’t mean you need to be lazy or inactive. You can use this time to burn off those extra calories, boost your mood and set a routine.
We’ve got a full programme of classes – 3 or 4 a day – so we asked one of our Bootcampers, Claire, to tell us about her first experience of going online.
So how did Claire find her first online Bootcamp experience?
She explains:
“I’ve been going to Bootcamp for nearly two years now and love it for the fresh air and camaraderie. I was gutted when the government announced that outdoor exercise should shut down, but totally understood the reasons behind it. Nothing is more important than your health.
“Thankfully Steph announced a whole new timetable of online classes, including yoga and pilates for the first time at Bootcamp, to help us all stay active during this weird time.
“I booked on to Bootcamp Drills on Saturday morning at 10am the night before, and received my online link at around 10pm, so I was all set and ready to go. I’ve used Zoom before for chats with friends, but for those who haven’t, you can set up a test call with Steph.
“I set up my mat in my living room, moved my cats off it, and grabbed a bottle of water, a stretchy band and some bottles of soya milk to use instead of weights. I was ready to go!”

“It’s super easy to login – you simply follow the link provided in the email and it takes you straight to the class. I logged in a few minutes too early and accidentally crashed the Pilates session before, so apologies to anyone who was in that!

“Once logged in, Steph told us all to mute our microphones, which was easy to do, and I pinned her video so it showed her as the main screen.

“And then it began – for some reason I’d thought that online classes must be easier than real life Bootcamps. There’s no hill to sprint up for one! But no, Steph still managed to make it challenging.

There were squats, planks, press ups, tuck jumps and tricep dips, and more. There were easier options of each exercise for those who needed them, so the class was still personalised. Everything was done to music which helped me to stay motivated throughout the 45 minutes.

“The great thing about Zoom is that Steph can see everyone too, so when I needed to work harder, she could tell me to pick the pace up, or when people were doing well, they became extra-motivated by hearing their names and some positive feedback.”
So, Claire, what’s the verdict?

“After the class, the endorphins were pumping and I was sweating, plus I was super achy the next day. It definitely did me good. There’s no special equipment needed, only need the space for a mat and a screen (even a phone will do), which is great.”

“The online classes will never substitute the joy of being out in the park (although those with gardens can do it outside) with lots of friendly faces, but given the extreme situation we’re in, this is a perfect way to stay active, motivated and fun”

“I’ve booked into more classes and am excited to keep up my fitness indoors and banish any lockdown blues. In conclusion, I’d highly recommend the online sessions to anyone and everyone, and am encouraging friends, family and colleagues to sign up and get involved!  
There are more than 20 different classes each week, including some designed for keeping your kids active, so why not join us and get active today?


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