August 7

Bootcamp SE16 is 10!


Bootcamp SE16 is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of serving our wonderful local community in Canada Water!

Over the past decade, we have been privileged to witness countless transformations, helping our fellow residents achieve their goals, and fostering a stronger, healthier, and more connected community.

Since our beginnings, we have strived to create a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals of all fitness levels, providing a supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to take charge of their health and well-being. Our bootcamp has become a trusted hub for those seeking personal growth, physical fitness, and a sense of belonging.

As we reflect on the journey we have had, we want to share some of the ways our bootcamp has positively impacted the lives of our members:

Success Stories: Through tailored workout programs and expert guidance, we have witnessed weight loss and transformative achievements. Our dedicated personal trainers have been instrumental in inspiring and motivating our members to reach their weight loss goals and desired fitness levels.

Event Preparation: Many of our members have joined Bootcamp to get them fit for events they are training for. Whether it’s their first 5K or a full marathon, a Spartan or Ironman our trainers have provided expert advice, endurance training, and personalized plans, helping our members complete their races with confidence.

Adapting through Covid: During the lockdowns due we moved our of sessions online and created fun and engaging ways to keep our members motivated throughout a tough time, which encouraged them to still look after their health. When exercising was permitted with one other person outside we created a buddy program for our members finding them regular buddies to meet up with to stay connected.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: At Bootcamp SE16, we understand the importance of mental well-being alongside physical fitness. We have seen members regain their confidence as they push their limits, exceed their expectations, and embrace their inner strength. Together, we have created a positive and uplifting environment where our members feel comfortable and supported.

Giving Back to the Community: Our commitment to the local community goes beyond fitness. We have organized litter-picking events, free self-defense sessions, organising a safety march, created women’s wellness and charity events, and various initiatives to give back to the neighborhood that has embraced us. Together, we aim to make a lasting impact on both individual lives and the wider community.

Retreat: In 2022 we launched our first retreat to Spain. These retreats are so special as we get to spend time together as a group, create new bonds and gain cultural experiences, whilst having the time of our lives! The retreat contains the right balance of fitness, social time, fun, relaxation and down time and have been so popular.

Lasting Friendships and Supportive Community: One of the most beautiful aspects of Outdoor Bootcamp SE16 is the friendships and connections that form within our community. Through shared challenges, laughter, and collective support, lasting bonds have been created. We are proud to have fostered a tight-knit community where everyone feels like they belong.

As we celebrate this significant milestone we are so proud of the thriving community that embodies the spirit of health, wellness, and community engagement that is Bootcamp SE16.

Join us as we embark on the next decade of empowering lives, achieving new milestones, and making a positive impact in Canada Water.

Together, we can continue to transform lives, build stronger bonds, and create a healthier, happier community.


Birthday, Bootcamp SE16

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