June 5

Buddy sessions are go!


Have you seen what we are doing right now?

These happy people above have all taken part in our buddy challenge for the month of June!

Whilst we are grounded from medium size group training, this doesn’t stop our community from staying strong and pushing through with their workouts and keeping the camaraderie alive. 

We couldn’t be happier seeing them all enjoying this buddy challenge, seeing everyone motivated, energised and more importantly outdoors is FANTASTIC!!!

The way it works is, we partner them up, send them a program and they meet at a convenient time, complete the workout and post it on our members page.

I create the workout plans first thing on a Monday ready to be emailed out and buddies can meet as many times a week as they like!

I hope you’ve stayed on top of your fitness during this pandemic, now more than ever before is the most important time to invest in yourself and your health.  

Only you can take the reins on your health and fitness!

So have you got a buddy workout with? Or do you need to borrow one of ours!?

It’s a great way to start building back a routine and by making exercise more interesting.  Plus it adds EXTRA accountability into your life!

If you’d like to get involved in this, get in touch….




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