October 11

Combating the common cold


The nights are drawing in, the temperatures are plummeting and it seems like everyone around us is getting a cold.
Prevention is better than cure, so how can you minimise your chances of getting ill and keep yourself fighting fit?
365 support
By taking an immune support supplement all year round, you’re keeping your immune system at its absolute best, fighting the germs you don’t even know are there. We’d recommend Green Magic by Photo-Col – a blend of 16 of the most powerful superfoods – which is perfect for energy, vitality and preventing you getting ill. 
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Active travel
Public transport is amazing for connecting us to the whole of London and more, but it’s also a hotbed of germs. Research has shown that just one sneeze could infect up to 150 commuters within five minutes – gross! So why not take the opportunity to walk or cycle where you can? This gets your body moving and gets you away from the sniffly commuters on the Tube. And if you can’t avoid public transport, make sure you wash your hands as soon as you’re off.
Get out of the office
Offices are another place where you can pick up germs way too easily. Keyboards, door knobs, tap handles and lift buttons can all harbour germs. Pair this with a stressful environment, sitting down and spending too much time indoors and you’re en route to a cold. Try and work from home when you can and make sure you’re getting out for a walk at lunchtime.
Exercise regularly 
Of course we’re going to promote this one, but it really is a great way to keep your body strong and fit! Harvard University published a study showing that working out boosts your immunity. READ IT 
Cure it!
But of course it might be too late for prevention. Cure your symptoms by resting up and keeping warm – snuggle up on the sofa with the duvet or get into a nice hot bath. Make sure you get enough rest – your body is fighting hard against this illness, so you’ll need to sleep more than usual.
Pair this with a visit to your local pharmacy for some Berocca or Paracetamol if you need it for your symptoms. Stock up on over the counter natural cures like Vicks First Response when you’re responding to a cold that is just breaking out, as this will help if it develops further.
Make sure you’re staying hydrated – hot liquids such as soup or tea can be soothing and help with congestion.If you’re already suffering, we hope you’re better soon. And if not – please follow our tips to get through the winter sniffle-free!


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