August 9

Creating Balance During the Summer Holidays

During Summer you may feel pulled away from your fitness routine due to the lure of socialising.

Creating balance is the best way for you to feel like you’re not missing out on either aspect of your life.

Staying dedicated and having a good routine is the best way to keep seeing results from your fitness. Once you get on top of creating balance, you’ll gain a winning formula for how to live your best life.

Here are our top tips for balancing your life to ensure you stay on top of your health and fitness regime whilst still getting to socialise and have enough rest 👇

Plan ahead by dividing your week between these 5 aspects: work/study time, prep/planning time, fitness regime, social/family time, rest/down time.

Don’t feel pressured to say yes to every invite, remember your goal of balance, there will always be another night out!

Working out in the morning gets your exercise done and dusted so you have the rest of your day to relax!

Combine your fitness and social life- Bring a friend over for a workout, go for a walk, go to the beach or bike to the pub. Think about how good that pint will feel after!
Rest and down time is important for your mind and body to recover from busy weeks, burn out is a real thing, prevention is better than a cure, so factor rest into your weekly plan.

Listening to your body is key; sometimes you’ll have lots of energy stored up and other days you may feel tired and need to rest more, or stretch aching muscles. That’s absolutely fine, listen to what your body is telling you and don’t feel any pressure to do what everyone else is doing.

Staying in a routine is easier than stopping and trying to keep starting a new one! Once you build a routine that works for you, keep focused on maintaining the balance you’ve created.

Maintaining a healthy and fit body will serve you in the long run, it will enable you to live your best life feeling stronger and happier in all capacities.


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