July 1

Do you have a Goal this Summer?


Do you have a goal this summer and are you looking to get stuck into a solid training regime that can help you achieve this goal?

No matter whether you goal is event prep, weight loss or general fitness Bootcamp SE16 will train you for all!  Our sessions are first and foremost FUN, motivating, progressively tough (but you can make them easier) with a range of different types of workouts and most importantly with great team spirit and energy!
Join us for a Motivating Monday! 

Why is Monday the most important day of the week to train? Because it sets the bar for the rest of the week! Our Monday sessions  will set your training week up nicely and get you into a routine for the rest of the week.  Everyone likes to indulge a little on the weekend, so training on a Monday is a kick start to a clean and healthy week.

🏃 At Bootcamp SE16 we offer both outdoor sessions and online classes to our members 💻

Take a peek at our outdoor and online timetable below to see the sessions you could be attending to improve your fitness, health and wellbeing. As you can see, we offer a variety of fun sessions for all abilities that cover a range of fitness areas! Not only do we offer coaching by some of the top trainers in London  but you will become part of a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community 🙌

Tomorrow you will have wished that you started today- so what are you waiting for? 

When you’re ready to work with us we have two options for you.

📞 Book yourself into a consult to talk about your goals Click Here

🗓️Set up a trial for our sessions Click here 


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