January 21

Doing Dry Jan?


Christmas Festivities can mean more booze than usual and it can sometimes be hard to cut back after getting in the habit of drinking more.

I wanted to reach out to you to explain why drinking less is better for you.

Dry Jan is easy to start, but hard to see through to the end and we are nearly there so this is your motivation to keep going!!

Whether you’re having a moist Jan or complete dry Jan, you’ll know there are many health benefits to drinking less or going dry….

Drinking less alcohol improves your sleep quality and gives you increased energy.

Drinking less will also improve your mental health, reduce cortisol levels, improve brain function and creates a lower risk of diseases.

From a mental perspective alcohol is a mood suppressor, it gives you that feeling where you don’t want to stick to a healthy regime. Good eating goes out the window and it can affect performance your mental and physical performance in day to day tasks.

From a hormonal perspective in males it lowers testosterone, in female heightens estrogen, it also flushes glycogen out of the body which is what powers you to workout at a high intensity.

Furthermore, alcohol contains empty calories which means it does not contain any beneficial nutrients thus drinking less can promote weight loss.

Take a few moments to make a note of what you do drink each week as it might surprise you how much over the week it all adds up.

Drinking alcohol (like anything!) is mainly due to habit so we have some points on easy ways to break the practice:

1. Enlist a sober buddy to keep you motivated
2. Go for a walk or do a workout in the evenings to avoid drinking out of boredom.
3. Remove alcohol from your house to resist the urge to drink
4. Don’t drink during the week so you have days of abstinence
5. Use the money saved you would usually spend on drinks for something special!
6. Purchase alcohol free alternatives and use these on days you really think you need a drink.
7. Download the app Drink Coach, it will help you keep track of what you consume and help your accountability!

After a few weeks of less drinking I promise you will feel energised, clear minded and focused!

It really is worthwhile 🙌🏻


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