January 6

Dry January doesn’t have to be dull


Having a glass of wine in the evening to relax after a long day or catching up with friends over a beer is so normal to most of us. But when you’re looking to get fit and lose weight, alcohol can actually hinder your progress.
If we told you we had a magic cure to help you lose weight, regulate your sleep, improve your skin and hydrate yourself, we’re sure you’d jump at the chance.
So why not commit to Dry January and you’ll get all of those benefits?
Alcoholic drinks are higher in calories than most people realise, containing seven calories per gram.  In addition, drinking alcohol dehydrates your body. Six glasses of wine makes you lose 19-24 glasses of water, meaning all the water you aim to drink through the day has been in vain. Cutting out the alcohol will help you concentrate better and you’ll feel less tired.
Now you’re aware of the benefits, listen up to find out how you can make January a healthy booze-free month, without cutting out the fun:

1. Plan alternative nights out instead of going to pubs and bars. London is full of cinemas, escape rooms, theatres and music venues so you can still have fun without a drink
2. If you find yourself in a pub or a bar, go for a mocktail, a flavoured tonic water, or even a soda and lime. Tasty and much healthier than alcohol!
3. If you’re socialising, aim to meet friends in restaurants instead of pubs and bars to take the emphasis off the alcohol 
4. Do something fun to fill the hours you would normally be at the pub – go for a walk/run, see the sights of London, play some sport or watch a film
5. On average we spend £125 every week on drinks, which comes out to roughly £6,500 a year. Why not make a pot on Monzo or a separate savings account and see how much you save by not drinking? You’ll be able to buy yourself a nice new watch or designer bag, or treat yourself to a weekend away just by giving up for January. Not bad!

Remember that life is about experiences, so by taking the emphasis away from drinking, we are left open to things so much healthier and more fun than getting hammered. Plus you’ll be able to remember the fun the next day!


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