February 3

Eat well, feel brighter and better


As part of the January series into starting the year on a positive note, today we’re looking into how small changes in your diet can make you feel brighter, more energised and help with weight-loss.

Every food decision you make has an impact on your overall health and wellbeing. It might seem easy to grab a salty snack or tuck into that cake you’ve been craving all day, but remember that food should be about nutrition. You should be eating a balanced and colourful diet and reaching your 5 a day every single day.

It sounds like a bit of a chore but trust us – it can be simple, easy and delicious to eat well. Here’s how…

First, hydration

Drink a pint of water when you first wake up to kick start your metabolism for the day and hydrate your body after you’ve slept. Boost your water with a slice or two of lemon, which helps to hydrate you and gives you a good hit of Vitamin C too.

Get fruity

Supercharge your breakfast by adding some fruit, adding some valuable vitamins and bringing some colour to your meal. Try cereal with some berries or adding some banana to your morning toast.

Ditch white for wholegrain

Swap your white lunchtime sandwich for brown bread or a wrap, a simple swap to reduce calories and provide better fuel for your afternoon. Wholegrain options have more fibre, vitamins and minerals, plus they keep you full for longer.

Swap in more veg

Switching to plant protein decreases early death by 10% and can help with weight loss too. What’s not to love? Fill your plate with colourful veggies, lentils and grains, plus try tasty meat replacements like Quorn or tofu. 

Save the booze for the weekend

By cutting down on alcohol during the week, it will not only saveon calories, but it will make you less tired the following day and you’ll make better food choices because of it. You’ll also benefit from more time to join us at Bootcamp rather than at the pub!
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