April 20

Ever wish you had more hours in the day?


We understand that it’s a very strange time for us all at the moment and Bootcamp is here to support you. It’s a bit crazy and worrying for everyone, but for parents, there’s an extra challenge on top of everything else – keeping the kids entertained, home schooling and looking after themselves too. So if you feel like you need some inspiration to balance the new demands placed on you, as well as making some time for yourself, read on…

How can I make sure my week runs smoothly?
Feeding time:
Meal plan at the weekend. Sit down with some cookery books or look on the internet and get some new ideas. Why not get your kids involved too? They can look at the pictures of recipes and pick something they would like, then they can help you cook. It’s a great activity and will hopefully get them passionate about healthy eating too

Fun tea. One night of the week make a more ‘fun tea’ like homemade pizzas. You can buy ready-made bases, or use wraps, and let the kids put their own toppings on. Kids love to do this and most kids love pizza. An extra bonus is that you’ve managed to entertain them for a bit without even realising!

Snack time. Using your weekend to make snacks for the week ahead is a great use of time and can be fun for the kids to get involved with. It always proves useful to have them ready on hand for the inevitable requests you’ll get! Again look up recipes in books or online with your kids – you could try muffins, cookies, yoghurt bark, protein balls, flapjacks, banana bread, loaf cakes or fairy cakes.

Batch cooking. This is a great way to save time at a later date. Use some time at the weekend to batch cook a meal for the week ahead, like a pasta sauce, or homemade meat or veggie balls and then freeze them. Make a big shepherd’s pie for your Sunday dinner and freeze some portions, which will make for another dinner or lunch later in the week

Focus on deep cleans. Plan when you can do your weekly clean of the important areas like the bathrooms and kitchens, so that your other half can play or feed the kids during this time. This lets you crack on with the chores without any distractions. Being on top of jobs like this will make you feel better each week

Team work. Save jobs that take a while, like changing the beds, until a time your other half isn’t working so it’s less rushed to do. One of you can take the sheets off and the other puts them back on it, sharing the load  
How can I look after myself?

Ditch the screen. Have a night a week where you switch your phone off and don’t watch any TV. Instead, read a book, listen to a podcast, have a bubble bath with a magazine or a book, or do a jigsaw. Take some time to focus on the activity in hand and have a break from screens and social media.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 
Have a night a week ‘away’ from your partner by watching TV in a different room or catching up with a friend on the phone. Make it feel like a real indulgence of time on your own. If you can get out for a walk on your own, pop your headphones in with music on or a podcast, really escape from all the chores and zone out in the fresh air

Socialise. Arrange games evenings, as a couple or with friends who have kids, over Zoom. This will help you to make the most of the weekend and that social interaction that we’re all missing

Fresh air. If this glorious weather continues into the evening, take the opportunity to spend some time in the garden or on the balcony. Sit with your partner and chat or read your book, enjoying being outside and without the kids needing attention

Vent. As a parent, chatting with friends who also have kids is a huge part of your life. Schedule in a Zoom group call with your friends or a one to one call one night when the kids are in bed, so you can have a proper chat and catch up, or even have a moan without them listening in!

How can I fit any exercise in?

Coordinate. If your other half starts work too early for you to get a workout in in the morning, get them to schedule their lunch break in during one of Bootcamp’s lunchtime online sessions. Not only is this good for you getting a workout in but it’s also great for getting your partner to take a proper lunchbreak and have some time away from the computer

Maximise your weekend. If your other half doesn’t work weekends, then be sure to get your workouts in on Saturday and Sunday. That way you’ve got two workouts under your belt and if you’re able to get any in the week in too that’s an added bonus!

Use your exercise rations. If your kids are a bit older and can cycle or scoot for a long distance then put your gym kit on and run alongside them. It’s great exercise, good fun and fresh air for everyone. A cycle ride or brisk walk is also great



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