October 11

Exclusive advice on staying motivated during the winter


As the nights start drawing in and the temperature plummets, it’s easy to lose the motivation and good habits you built over the summer. But it doesn’t have to be that way – summer bodies are built in the winter and staying fit and healthy should be a year-round priority.

So to make it easier for you to hold yourself accountable, we spoke to the most motivated group of experts we could find – our very own Bootcampers – and here’s what they recommended:

Be prepared
Our determined Bootcampers cited preparation as a great way for them to stay motivated. They suggested booking sessions at the start of the week, which means your week is planned and it’s harder to get out of going. Also, getting your kit ready the day before makes it easy to get going.

The outcome
Ultimately, we’re all exercising for the outcome. Thinking about how good you’ll feel once you’ve hit your goal is a great motivator.

Our members who want to achieve goals – like losing weight or fitting into their wedding dress – said that looking forward to achieving these objectives was what got them out of the house and raring to go.

Staying accountable
Exercise isn’t just about moving – it’s about meeting people and having some fun competition too. This element can help you to build your routine too. By telling fellow Bootcampers which day you’re attending in advance, you’re unlikely to let them down by not going.

Focus on the positives
Exercising should be fun. Remembering that when you’re thinking about how cold it is outside and what’s on TV is important. Think about meeting new people and trying new workouts – but most importantly, remember how good you feel when you’ve worked out. Surely that’s the best motivator of all?
So, follow the advice of our Bootcampers above and you’ll smash your workout through winter, making yourself fitter, stronger and happier throughout the colder months.


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