February 24

February series – Bootcamp reviews protein


We hear about protein all the time and it seems the fitness industry is protein mad, but why all the fuss? And how much do we really need?
Protein is the building block for hair, nails, muscle and skin etc. It can also help in unexpected ways, such as recovery of illness, preventing osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, losing weight and of course, building muscle. This miracle nutrient also helps recovery from workouts, protects joints with muscle growth and helps the brain too. 
We generally need 0.8 to 1.4 grams of protein per kg of body weight. It’s definitely possible to get the right protein intake through a balanced diet, but for some people it’s helpful to add to this with protein powder.
There are plenty of different types out there so you may be confused about what to try. We completely understand – protein powders are a minefield.
Really, all you need is a powder that tastes nice, has a good amount of protein in and can blend into food well. Our lovely Bootcampers have tested some powders and here are their reviews… 
“I really like MyProtein, they’ve had really good results for me. I’ve used meal replacements in the past and still use their BCAA and sometimes whey or vegan protein and they have lots of recipes and stuff to mix it up on their website. I know Protein World has quite a bad reputation for low quality whey and not the most effective of results so have tended to stay clear of them.”
“I’m using SciMX Ultra Whey protein currently. The raspberry ripple and chocolate flavours are decent though I have bought MaxiMilk and Grenade Carb Killa (different flavours)… I recommend using a hand blender to mix in the powder!”
“I love PhD pharma whey, I love the taste and that it contains all essential aminos and that it’s 19g of protein for only 99 calories.”
“I use PhD Diet Whey Protein in Belgian Chocolate flavour. It’s vegetarian friendly and price is not too bad! Also it only has 91cals per 25g scoop and the flavour is amazing in my opinion.”
“I have the pulsin vegan one, I’m not really used to using protein powders, but it’s been a useful way of sneaking a bit more protein in. Not used any others so have nothing to compare it to. It’s quite gritty, but it does wonders for protein intake. Not exactly been using it liberally as still a bit scared of it!”
Women’s Best
“I use Women’s best vegan protein powder! I’ve tried the chocolate and the vanilla one. The chocolate tastes great but I think the vanilla is better if you want to use it for cooking. Both are quite sweet though so if you don’t like very sweet protein powders might not be for you. Overall the taste is amazing, price is quite good and they have a few flavours on the vegan protein powders. And usually they have nice bundle deals and discounts on their website!”
Please do remember – the world of protein isn’t all about powders. If you want to boost the amount of protein in your diet, you can use add the following protein-rich foods:
Edamame beans
All beans like butter, kidney, cannellini, baked beans 
Chia seeds 
Nut butters 
Chicken breast 
Lean beef 
Greek yoghurt 


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