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Friendships can be sparked in many different ways and sometimes the best friendships are formed in the places we least expect.

Many friendships have sparked through Bootcamp SE16, so I wanted to share some of the awesome stories of friendships we’ve had over the years!

Did you know that the majority of my wedding guest list was made up of Bootcampers? 

Yep, that’s right, I invited most of my clientele to my wedding and you know what?

They made it epic because they really know how to party!

In 2019 one of our couples Brad and Emma got married, it really was the wedding of the year for us. Two Bootcamp girls were their bridesmaids, I read during their ceremony and we even had a photo designated to Bootcampers, where about 25 of us took up the entire photo.

On Brad and Emma’s honeymoon they visited Australia where they stayed and caught up with a Bootcamper who had moved back home.

Another amazing friendship made was between two girls Varuna and Marika, when Marika was turning 30 Varuna suggested we hold a surprise birthday party for her.  So her hubby handed over the keys to their apartment for Varuna to organise an entire party and we all piled in to help with the decor.

He then took Marika out for the day and when she came home she had to endure 30 Bootcampers shout surprise at her when she came through the door.  It really was an epic experience!

One year Varuna and Marika were holidaying in neighbouring countries, and as a surprise their Hubby’s arranged for flights to Japan for the couples to meet up.  The girls were gobsmacked and had an amazing time.

There have also been many Bootcamp holidays experienced with the group, from skiing to Ibiza!

It’s so nice to be whatsapped photos of your members meeting up all over the world, it makes you realise you’ve created more than just a Bootcamp.

Many members tell me of how they cannot leave their house without bumping into a Bootcamper and it’s true.  Whenever I’m in the area I will always see someone I know.

One of my favourite times was when 6 of us fell pregnant at the same time, everyone thought there must have been something in the air!! 

We created a whatsapp group callled babycamp four years ago and it’s still used to this day, with many more additional mums being added.  It’s so nice to know you have a group of supportive mums around you and useful too!

Our fancy dress parties and nights out are notorious, one year we went all out on Halloween that we were the talk of the town on twitter, we decorated the hill with carved lanterns and in fancy dress we smashed out an entire Bootcamp session.  I love how the group are always up for a celebration of some kind.

There’s always a new years party amongst the group, a Christmas party, random dodge ball nights and many, many drinks nights.

In fact its safe to say that my social calendar over the years has been made up with more Bootcamp nights out than anything else.

And it’s great when I get to say to hubby, ‘but I have to go out for drinks, it’s for work’ while he stays home with the kids 😉

Even in these tough times, we created a big whatsapp group and have now started a buddy system, where members get to meet up with a different buddy each week to complete a workout that we write up for them. 

The smiles we are seeing in the photos of their sessions, explain how much this is needed right now and how happy it’s making them!

Our online quizzes, drink nights and coffee mornings have kept all our members super busy throughout this time too.

Nothing holds back our group from being able to connect and remain friends – even a pandemic!

So if you’re looking to make a transformation in your health and fitness and you’re worried or nervous about joining a new group, then don’t be.

This is the nicest group of people I’ve ever met and they welcome new members with open arms and jump at the chance of making new friends!

When you join Bootcamp SE16, you gain so much more than fitness and a transformation, you gain friendship.


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