October 24

Gym Vs Bootcamp

With everyone getting back to their fitness regime this Autumn, we wanted to talk about why Bootcamp is a better option for you than a gym! 💪🏻

If you haven’t tried out our Bootcamp yet, you should put it at the top of your list, it’s a great fun and friendly way to work out with a lot more guidance than a gym!

Bootcamp runs more like a guided class, so it’s designed to offer a balanced and effective workout and if you’re lucky enough to come along to ours, we even tailor sessions to our members needs!

Unlike a basic gym membership, bootcamp offers more personal attention from a certified personal trainer as you work towards your goals, without the added cost of hiring a personal trainer at a gym.

Physical activity outdoors lowers a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, exercise outdoors feels less strenuous than similar exercise indoors, which pushes you closer to your maximum performance. So exercising outdoors actually gives you a better workout. 

In the colder months, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, you sweat less and expend less energy meaning you exercise more efficiently too!

Added benefits of being outdoors when working out includes boosting your mood, mental strength, your immune system and your energy levels, yes this can all be achieved outdoors!

Now let’s talk about the hygiene. You know what we mean, that stale, sweaty smell you get in every gym, not to mention the sweaty equipment!…. so much better to exercise outdoors in the open and breathe in all that fresh air along with having all that space!

Lastly, and one of the most important things to us at Bootcamp SE16 is the community social aspect…

Group exercise can turn working out into a fun social activity, which could lead to you continuing to do it. Exercising with others can also satisfy some basic psychological needs AND give you a break from your own life and routine and chance to engage with other people outside of your existing networks.

When you join our bootcamp, we don’t just give you a membership card and tell you to get on with it.  You become part of our awesome bootcamp Family and we really do take care of you!

Winter is coming, and it is a time when strong bodies are built; NOW is a great time to start your fitness journey with us.  Get in touch today to talk about how we can help!


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