July 23

Holiday hacks


As a nation we spend so many months each year exercising and eating healthily, especially for our holidays only to go and wreck it all in two weeks of food and alcohol debauchery!

Approximately 80% of us will gain weight over our annual holidays with the average visitor to France and Italy gaining 7lbs over a two-week holiday!

This year due to covid, we’ve noticed holiday times have extended so this two-week holiday has now turned into a month off, thats quite a chunk of time!

Increasing our alcohol consumption, unwise nutritional choices, poor portion control and lack of exercise over this period of time, can all lead to holiday overload and unnecessary weight gain.

When we go on holiday, we have a total mindset shift and transform into I don’t care mode, when as soon as we are back home into our normal routines again, we really do care. Those 7 lbs can take a few months to shift and for most of us we never actually lose it at all.

Therefore we have created some holiday hacks to ensure a fantastic balance of fun on holiday that you will not regret afterwards and have to spend months working to take it all back off again.


1. Sleep soundly – We can have far too little sleep when on holiday so when we come home we feel more exhausted than when we left and feeling like we need another holiday. Its good to get some early nights in advance of your holiday so you can start on the right footing. Other top tips for a great nights sleep whilst away include taking an eye mask and ear plugs, wearing baggy sleepwear to help with those humid evenings and recreating your natural sleep environment such as sleeping on your traditional side of the bed or bringing a pillowcase.


2. One of our favourites– WATER! Besides keeping us hydrated and our brain and body functioning correctly there are many other benefits to drinking water. A glass of water after 8 hours sleep has been shown to be critical in kickstarting our metabolism. Drinking water also helps fight the hangover as it keeps us hydrated and keep colds, headaches and constipation at bay, none of which we want on holiday! Lastly, water keeps our skin hydrated which is perfect for preventing dry skin at a time when we usually have a lot more skin on display.


3. Pack smart for the airport! Don’t boredom eat between check in and arriving at your destination. To combat this, have a large meal before leaving for the airport and bring healthy snacks with you. You could also pack a travel guide to read and plan a few trips to keep boredom at bay whilst waiting for your flight to depart!


4. Beware of the buffet– All you can eat buffets are part of all inclusive packages which are the reason why most of us put on weight during our holidays. Before booking look at a bed and breakfast option which also ensures you will be dining out at local restaurants tasting the local cuisine and exercising to get there! If you are sticking with an all inclusive you can grab a side plate rather than a main plate, fill half with fruit, salad and veg before adding meat and carbs and lastly closing your eyes when it comes to the dessert table!


5. Embrace your surroundings– Try something local whether it is Flameco in Spain, cross country skiing in the Alps, long walks exploring your surroundings or water sports! These are all fantastic ways to exercise the local way without feeling like you’re exercising.


6. Simple Swaps– Swap a few things for the healthier option. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to explore the city on foot rather than using a car or public transport. Do a few laps in the sea or pool each morning to start your day the best possible way!


7. Morning Meditation– This is a great way of releasing stress by getting some headspace, letting go of negativity and drawing on the positives. Enjoy sunrises and sunsets, take a walk along the beach or city park to enjoy the sounds of nature, take a minute or 5 at each attraction to reflect on its significance or beauty and take the gratitude challenge every morning by listing 3 things you are grateful for.


8. Drink wisely! Pace yourself and order a bottle of water with every alcoholic drink ordered (you will be thankful of this the next morning!). Choose light spirits over dark as they have less calories and swop your usual mixer for a low calorie one such as soda.


9. Do find a balance! To have a happy holiday ditch the hardcore exercise regime and strict diet in favour of softer options to keep you healthy but allow you some well deserved time off. Try local street food and enjoy dessert, just ensure you are choosing healthier options and small portions. Our mental health is as important as our physical health, so while it is good to limit ourselves to save a few pounds that shouldn’t be at the cost of a few smiles.


10. Switch off! Save the holiday selfie posts for after your return as #throwbacks to an amazing holiday where you didn’t need to prove to anyone how much fun you were having. Start living in the moment and not on your phone.


We hope you find these tips helpful on your holidays and have an amazing time away, you deserve it!!

When you’re back, if you till unsure how to reach your fitness goals? We can help 👉 just click the link and we will get in touch to help you melt the holiday blues away! Click Here


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