December 14

How to feel your best this festive season


Keeping our fitness ticking over whilst still indulging in festive treats really helps our motivation for the new year and we want to help you feel good in mind body and spirit!

Our Christmas elves have let us know their top tips to help keep you motivated this season 👇

🎄 Christmas shopping is included in your step count! Add in extra steps by walking to the shops to avoid the nightmare of finding a parking space.

🎄Go for a walk every day, make sure you get plenty of fresh air, great for immune system and to help you sleep better, take a walk late afternoon and look at all the lovely lights outside other people’s houses.

🎄Keep an eye on your water intake, start the day with a pint of water to flush your system through and help kick start your hydration for the day.

🎄 Use the extra time you have off work to try a couple of our pre-recorded sessions in the members area, one or two short sessions over the week will do wonders to keep you going over the holidays.

🎄 Shut down your phone in the evenings after a certain time and aim to get an early night! It will do wonders for your energy levels and your eyes. You’ll be much more productive the next day!


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