April 4

How to keep on top of your fitness during the school holidays

At Bootcamp SE16 we completely understand the struggles of managing to keep up your fitness routine while the little ones are off school. So we have come up with some easy tips on how you can still fit in your workout while the kids are home this half term👇


•Exercise first thing in the morning before they are awake or when they go to bed so you are uninterrupted.

•If your child still has a nap every day, plan your workout for when they are napping.

•If your child is older get them involved with the workout and do it together

•If you are really struggling, get out of the house and take the kids for a walk! Not only will you up your step count for the day but you will tire them out (bonus!) You can even do a run with them in the buggy or on scooters if they’re older.

•Recruit a friend whether they have kids or not they’ll help you distract yours so you both can workout together, this creates more accountability and will break the day up.

•Lastly and most importantly don’t put pressure on yourself to over do things! School holidays are a difficult time as there is no routine, so try to make one which your little one will also appreciate as they thrive off routine.


You got this 🙌






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