January 14

How to make your Goals Happen in 2022!


Starting a New Year creates a fantastic opportunity for you to build new healthy habits that will take you through the year and enable you to reach your goals.

Before setting new goals it’s important to review the last year so we can learn from our mistakes, show gratitude for what we did achieve and help us to understand what we can do better.

Take some time now to think back to the past year…

What are the 3 greatest lessons you have learnt? Can you name 3 personal achievements?

Are there any goals you didn’t achieve and if so why do you think you didn’t achieve them?

This will help you to create goals for 2022 and will show you a realistic way to achieve them!

I recommend you create smart goals to make relevant and achievable goals ✔️

This means be specific with your goal and ensure it is measurable so you can see progress towards your objective.

Ensure it is an achievablerelevant goal and have a time scale to reach your target.

So how do we achieve these goals?

The answer is to create new healthy habits!

To create  a habit we recommend the 3 R’s:

Reminder– what is the cue to start the habit?
Routine– the habit you are creating
Reward– If the reward is positive then you will have the desire to repeat the habit the next time the reminder pops up.

Eventually the above repetition will form a new habit 🙌

To have time to focus on your goals and to create new healthy habits you should think about the following.

•Make sure you sleep enough
•Screen free time is important for the mind
•Time away from social media and media
•Get back to nature – take long walks or holidays
•Plan for holidays even if they are staycations
•Breathe more
•Practice Meditation and/or Mindfulness
•Practice gratitude

If you start practicing the above I promise you, you will soon have good habits that will help you reach your goals.


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