March 20

How to manage over consumption while WFH


So now that half of Britain is working from home,

And countless before and after WFH weight gain memes are being spread about on social media,

With food flying off the shelves in supermarkets,

I thought it would be very fitting to talk you through some strategies on how you can curb overconsumption whilst working from home!

January kicked off the year with many people on the case about their health and fitness. 

I’m sure so far this year, you’ve made a great deal of effort to work on your weight, health and fitness!

So we don’t want all that hard work going to waste right?

Let’s talk about how you can survive this time WFH, without gaining too much weight and letting your health and fitness slide…

Firstly, don’t buy it!

If it’s not in your house, you won’t eat it, so stop buying junk or high calorie dense, refined carb foods and there’s less chance you’ll reach for it at home.

Second of all, plan ahead.

There’s no reason why your weeks have to be any different to when you actually go to work.

If you’re used to planning your meals and making extra at dinner to take it in for lunch, then you need to keep doing this.

If you’re not a planner, then you need to become one, here’s why…

You’ll save money, reduce food waste, reduce making poor food choices when hungry and you’ll reduce you risk of weight gain.

Plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Use your commute time for planning,

And if you do this just a few days in advance it won’t become overwhelming.

Third of all, if you are a snacking fiend then go for high protein, low calorie options…

My favs are:

Rice cakes, corn cakes, boiled eggs, carrot sticks, wasabee peas, apples, pop chips, protein bars up to 200 calories, arla protein yoghurts

These kinds of snacks are filling and they won’t damage the calorie count!

Fourth tip..

MOVE MORE – and this is my favourite tip…

Sitting down 8-14 hours is no good for you,

Set an alarm to get you to stand up every two hours and move around.

Do some hip rolls, some leg kicks, walk up and down your house,

Or if you can, get out and lap your local park to up your step count…

Even if you have to work from your mobile whilst doing it!

Of course you could always join our online sessions to ensure you’re still on top of that calorie burn too!

Fifth tip…

Keep a water bottle at your desk and stay hydrated,

You should be aiming for 2-3 litres a day.

Keep a bottle at your desk, one that you need to refill,

This will help you to keep standing up and going to the kitchen to refill and

Thus will up your step count even further.

Sixth tip…

Track your food, if you’re food tracking, it’ll give you the reality check you need,

To control your intake.

If those calories are staring you in the face telling you, you’ve hit 90% of your daily intake,

You will slow down on the snacking!

I highly recommend Myfitness Pal for this.


Before you go to eat the biscuits, ask yourself if you really NEED them,

Not if you want them.

This really works for me!

So best of luck with your WFH journey and remember to stay on top of your health and fitness in this time.

We’ll be sending out more tips for you on how to keep moving in the coming weeks.


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