November 10

How to maximise your recovery after training!


Today we want to help you optimise your recovery from your training sessions!

We’ve had a couple of people ask me this week what are the best ways to recover from sore muscles.

So below are our top tips 👇🏻

✓ STEP 1: 
A hot shower or soak in the tub add Epsom salts if in the tub. The heat will help the muscles recover and a shower always makes you feel better after a sweaty session!

✓ STEP 2: 
Hydrate! It’s easy to say you’re drinking throughout your session but how much water did you drink throughout the day, sometimes you don’t realise how busy the days are and how much little water you drank in the day, so an extra litre when home will help you go far!

✓ STEP 3: 
Replenish with protein whether you’re vegan vegetarian or a meat eater, including protein in your post workout meal is essential for the repair and recovery of your muscles. Again you may not have had enough throughout the day so adding it into your post workout meal will aid your daily intake.

✓ STEP 4: 
Sleep 7-8 hours is optimum, aim to go to bed before 11pm and get the recovery you need. The body goes through important recovery processes when sleeping so a good night sleep will aid this!

✓ STEP 5: 
Magnesium supplements – there’s some evidence to suggest that magnesium can help aid recovery. If you find you ache a lot and often, you may want to look into adding this supplement in at breakfast time (always consult your GP before adding a supplement into your diet).

✓ STEP 6: 
Tiger balm is a great aid if you’re really struggling, it’s similar to deep heat but much nicer!

✓ STEP 7: 
Stay mobile keeping mobile and moving around will help diminish the dreaded DOMS. Sitting down all day on the day after your session will do you no favours and will just add to the ache. Get up and move around every 2 hours. You don’t need to do much, just a bit of moving around to keep your circulation going
Remember the ache you feel after sessions only lasts up to 72 hours and is just a reminder that your body has had an effective workout.

✓ STEP 8: 
Stretch! Stretching and mobility movements can really help to reduce the DOMS, adding more stretching into your daily routine will help you sneak more movement in and break up those long periods of sitting at the desk!


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