January 29

How to psych yourself up for a wet and windy Bootcamp!


Are you struggling to get motivated for your sessions in this weather? Try our helpful tips…
1. Make yourself feel comfortable 

Wear comfortable and warm waterproof clothing to keep the wet out and help you stay warm. Having layers that you can take off as you get warmer and put back on as you cool down is going to make you feel more comfortable throughout the session. 

The weather at the moment is worse than it usually is, so it’s great to be prepared, especially living in the UK, we never know what we’re going to get!

2. If you can get through this you can get through anything!

It’s only one hour outside!  During your day you have to go outside to get into the car, or onto the train, or into the shops, so getting used to training outdoors in these weather conditions, makes the smaller daily tasks outside seem so much easier in comparison. 

3. Reward yourself after and practice gratitude  

The sense of accomplishment and achievement after the workout will be amazing, it’s tough and you’ll feel the cold, wind and rain but afterwards, as you warm up in a nice hot shower, in your nice warm home, think how lucky we are to be able to do that. 

4. Working out in this weather makes you a lot tougher!

By making the session and working hard you are lapping anyone sat at home on the sofa! 

By working out in these extreme conditions you’re working harder than anyone in the gym, the gym is a cop out compared to Bootcamp!!


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