June 9

How To Train Safely in the Heat


With the warmer weather finally upon us, we thought it was a good time to remind you of our top tips on how to train safely during the summer months 👇

🌡️Pick a suitable time of day to train- Early morning and evening sessions should be cooler.

🌡️Discover Shade- find a leafy area to workout or run so you have plenty of shade.

🌡️Dress Appropriately- Wearing loose, lightweight, light coloured clothing can make you sweat much less and feel more comfortable when the temperature soars. Don’t forget to also wear breathable shoes, a sun hat and to put on sunscreen for outdoor sessions.

🌡️Hydration- It is pivotal to drink the recommended 2 litres of water each day regardless of weather, so when it is hot it is even more important to drink fluids due to the water we naturally lose through sweating. Don’t forget, we can also eat our water through fruit and vegetables such as watermelon and lettuce- it all helps us reach our daily goal!


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