June 22

It’s officially Summer!


Do you need a dose of motivation for the week ahead? 

Did you know that 21st June is the first day of summer? Typical British summer of course it has to rain ⛈️

But don’t let this dampen your fitness mojo (pun intended), because we have some awesome sessions lined up for you this week!

So if you haven’t already get booked in 👉 https://goteamup.com/p/1169556-bootcamp-se16/

As we always say, the key ingredient to making a dent in your health and fitness is consistency, when you regularly show up you will see the progression and feel the benefits.

In regards to the rain, we also say there’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing, so wear gloves and a waterproof and bring your game face!

As an added benefit this week why don’t you try adopting a new healthy habit alongside your fitness regime, try one of the following:

☑️ Up your water intake by 500ml more a day
☑️ Track your food on Myfitness Pal
☑️ Take a lunch break away from your screen and go for a walk
☑️ Wake up 20 minutes earlier and go for a quick run or walk
☑️ Reduce your screen time before bed

Which of these will you try this week??


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