August 17

It’s time to celebrate YOU!


It might seem silly or self-indulgent, but we’re here to show you that celebrating the wins in life is so important. It helps reaffirm your goals and show how far you’ve come.

That’s why every year we have a prize giving session and hand out trophies to members who have made amazing progress within their health and fitness, as well as getting our members to add to a monthly win wall.

Last week we had our annual birthday celebration and it was a real joy to celebrate the achievements of our members, as well as looking back at how far Bootcamp has come in the last 7 years.

Here are our amazing Bootcamp winners:

Best achiever: Nadia T who has lost 12kg. Her amazing fitness journey is now documented on Instagram and she’s always training hard.

Couple of the year: Laura and Chris. Despite lockdown they were dedicated to online sessions and are now back outside showing us that couples who train together, stay together.

Best transformation: Shereen, who has lost an incredible 15kg through Bootcamp.

Best newcomer: Ewa, who always gives her all.

Hero and heroine: Angelo and Catherine, both worthy winners who inspire and encourage others around them.

So why is it so important to celebrate your achievements?

  • Understanding the progress you’ve made is an amazing boost for your motivation. Notice the small wins along the way, breaking your goals down into milestones and actions, giving you the chance to mark up a success and reinforce the changes you’re making.
  • For your mindset. Knowing that you’re succeeding will help you to keep working towards your goals with a positive mindset. Keep focusing on how much you’ve achieved, rather than how far you’ve got to go.  
  • Remember gratitude too. If you feel grateful for that workout you did but weren’t feeling up for, and the progress you’ve made, it will help you realise how far you’ve come.
  • And finally – it feels great! Recognition isn’t just for kids – having someone else congratulate you on your achievements can really make you feel great – even when you’re an adult!

So – now you know how important it is to celebrate your achievements, why not work with us to see what results you can get?


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