August 9

Keeping On Top of Exercise During The School Holidays


As a busy mum, I know the struggle of fitting in exercise when the kids are off school. Realistically however, it is not advisable to stop our workouts for summer as it is much easier to keep up the momentum rather than have a break and try to get into routine again.

Here are some tips to help you stay active and fit while minding your children this summer 👇

Exercise first thing in the morning before the kids are awake or when they go to bed so you will not be interrupted.

If your children are still taking naps, use that time to fit in a short workout. You can do a home workout or follow an exercise video during this quiet time.

Involve the Kids: Turn exercise into a family activity! Engage your children in fun and active games, like playing tag, going for a family bike ride, or having a dance-off. This way, you can all enjoy physical activity together.

Go for Outdoor Adventures: Plan outings to nearby parks, beaches, or nature trails. Walking, hiking, or playing outdoor games with the kids will keep everyone moving and provide quality time together.

1 or 2 nights a week go out for a walk on your own, listen to some music or a podcast or call a friend to chat. This will feel like the ultimate treat, time to be alone and within your own headspace

If you really are struggling, get out of the house and take your kids for a walk. Not only will you up your steps but you will tire them out. You can even do a run with them in the buggy or on a scooter or their bike if they’re older.

Trade Off with a Partner or Friend: Coordinate with your partner, a friend, or another parent to take turns minding the kids while the other person exercises. This way, you both get a chance to stay active.

Be Flexible: Understand that your exercise routine may not be as structured during the summer holidays, and that’s okay. Embrace a flexible approach, and don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go as planned.

Make Chores Fun and Active: Involve your kids in household chores that require movement, such as gardening, washing the car, or cleaning the house. Turning chores into games can make them more enjoyable for everyone

Use Online Workouts: If you can’t leave the house, explore online workout videos or apps that offer short, effective exercise routines you can do at home. At Bootcamp SE16 we offer online classes to those who can’t make our outdoor sessions.

Check out your local parent and baby fitness groups so you can meet other local families when working on your fitness. At Bootcamp SE16 we run a Functional Female session every Monday and Wednesday morning with mums and babies welcome!

By incorporating these tips into your summer routine, you can stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying quality time with your children.

Remember, finding a balance between self-care and caring for your family is key to a happy and healthy summer!


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