October 22

Mark and Julie – couples who train together stay together


It’s highly likely that everyone who has been to a Bootcamp session knows Mark and Julie. They’re our Couple of the Year, both determined to get stronger and fitter, and bring smiles and positive attitudes to every session – rain or shine.

But did you know the story of how they got started with Bootcamp? Read on to find out…

Mark joined our first ever session back in 2013, but it then took him a year to return. Thankfully, as he says in the video, he’s really glad he did. Mark decided he just couldn’t ignore what his instinct was telling him and came back. He’s quickly approaching his 600th session so he’s well into the swing of things now. Sometimes it takes a while to come to terms with what you should be doing and to build a habit, but it’s worth persevering.

Mark recently went through a diagnosis of bowel cancer, surgery and five rounds of chemotherapy. After a few months off he came back fighting fit and couldn’t wait to get back into his normal routine. In the time Mark was off, we stayed in touch with him weekly, with regular visits, cups of tea and chats, visits from members and he would show up to occasional sessions to cheer us on.

Mark is well loved within the group and is always the first to say yes to any challenge offered. His goals have fluctuated throughout the years, from weight loss, to getting his fitness and health back, to just maintaining fitness, but the one thing that hasn’t change is Mark’s determination to hold down his routine and stay on top of his health.

His wife, Julie, joined us back in 2014 and is a loyal member. In the video above, she talks going into the next stage in her life feeling strong and in control of her body. Julie is the epitome of strength, throughout every session she pushes through with utmost determination and even shows up the young’uns with some seriously heavy kettle bells!

Julie takes her health very seriously and after being by Mark’s side through his illness, she’s just so happy that they can continue to train together and have their evenings doing something with each other, focusing on their wellbeing. 

Couples who train together not only stay together but, more importantly, they stay strong together.

Mark and Julie have won couple of the year awards twice at Bootcamp SE16 and they certainly are a role model for anyone of any age. 

Inspired by Mark and Julie’s story and want to better your health and get on the right track?

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