February 17

Maximise your dining out experience


Dining out can be a great way to socialise and enjoy a meal without having to cook, but it can also be a challenge when it comes to making healthy food choices or sticking to a program.

Recently I’ve been asked by a few people, how can I enjoy eating out and still stick to a plan or healthy lifestyle?

And so, I have created some tips on how to choose sensibly when eating out or eating on the go.

By following these tips, you can improve your dining out experience while also staying on track with your healthy eating journey.

Plan ahead: Before you go out, take a look at the restaurant’s menu online. This will help you determine which options are healthier and make it easier to make a decision when you arrive.

Manage portion sizes: When eating out, portion sizes are sometimes larger than what you would typically eat at home. Share a dish with a friend, or ask for a take-out container and bring some leftovers home. Bonus points for not having to make lunch for the next day!

Choose wisely: Opt for dishes that are grilled, baked or steamed, instead of fried. Remember you don’t have to eat less but just eat well!

Load up on veggies and protein: Order a side salad or request that your dish be prepared with extra vegetables. this will increase the fibre, vitamins and minerals in your meal.  By prioritising the protein in your meal you’ll also feel full faster.

Be mindful of sauces and dressings: Sauces and dressings can be loaded with calories and added sugars, so opt for lighter options, like lemon juice or vinegar. You can also ask for the sauce or dressing to be served on the side, so you can control how much you use.

Listen to your brain signals: When eating out it can be easy to get carried away, so listen to your body and try to read the signals of when you’re feeling full.

Drink wisely: Alcohol and sugary drinks can add a lot of calories to your meal, so by limiting your consumption you can not only save money but contribute to a healthier meal. If you are drinking alcohol however, make sure to match each drink with a glass of water, you will be thankful of this the next day when your body isn’t as dehydrated.

When it comes to living a healthy and fulfilling life, practicing moderation is key! It’s all about finding that balance between enjoying life’s pleasures without going overboard.

So, if you’re trying to cut back on certain things or make healthier choices, remember that it’s okay to indulge once in a while. You don’t have to completely give up everything you love! Instead, just try to be mindful of how much you’re consuming and how often.

By practicing moderation, you can avoid overindulging and still appreciate the things you love. It’s all about finding a healthy and sustainable balance that works for you.

So enjoy your eating out experience, you’ve got this!

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