May 27

Mental Health Awareness And Benefits Of Exercise


If you feel sluggish, stuck in a rut or simply want to feel better in yourself we urge you to get moving for mental health.

This doesn’t mean you have to do an intensive workout each day, but rather to aim to have regular consistent movement in your life whether that is a walk, online workout, run or even a dance.

Did you know that being physically active:

⚡ Protects against mental health problems
⚡Decreases depression in older adults
⚡ Reduces the symptoms of post natal depression
⚡ Is as effective as medicine for mild to moderation depression and anxiety
⚡ Improves self esteem and cognitive function in young people
⚡ Promotes teamwork
⚡ Develops resilience
⚡ Reduces tension in your body
⚡ Makes you feel calmer

The benefits of exercise on ourselves physically and mentally really are countless. I feel this quote from Gail Porter is an excellent way of verbalising how exercise can be a distraction of worries and every day life alongside providing positive focus for us; “Exercise keeps me occupied which is good for my mental health”.

This week, try to get moving each day and see how you feel by the end of the week. I am positive you will instantly see a change in your mental health with the physical benefits soon showing too!

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