July 23

More than just a bootcamp…


Here at Bootcamp SE16 we pride ourselves on being more than just a bootcamp but what does that mean?

When joining us, from the get go our intention is to help you achieve your goals and even go beyond them 💪🏻

Therefore we have various ways to encourage, motivate and support you through your fitness journey. Fitness is a life long journey and finding innovative ways to keep your motivation alive is one of the best ways to keep you on track. 🙌🏻

We all drop off the wagon, it’s easy to let health and fitness slip, especially during a global pandemic!! But as we always say, it’s not the letting slip that counts, it’s how you come back from it that matters! ✊🏻

Achieving your goals doesn’t have to be a lonely journey, with the right coaching and support hitting your goals can be fun and exciting.👏🏻

Our members and their health means a lot to us and so we have a great system then enables them to gain as much as they want! 👊🏻

Here are some of the things we offer to our members when they join:

Regular Challenges Online and Outdoors Accountability Programs

Regular access to coaching and content through our members portal

Events for wellness Seminars

Nutrition & Recipe Guides

Goal Setting Sessions

Continuous Check ins

Are you still waiting to start your fitness journey? Or are you not getting far doping it alone?

If so get in touch today for a no obligation consultation to get your journey started!

Click the link below ⬇⬇⬇



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