April 3

New Content For You!


We hope you’re all doing well and feeling great after attending our sessions this week.

Behind the scenes we’ve been busy filming lots of new recipes to add to the members access area for you in our new series “Cooking with Lucy”.

Here’s why Lucy’s so passionate about cooking for her family:

“My eldest became extremely fussy as a toddler, this is really common but I was determined to improve this.  So I put the work in, I found new ‘kid-friendly’ ways to create recipes and kept trying and encouraging him with these new foods.  I believe that continually offering a wide variety of foods to him, not only at dinners but at breakfast and snacks too, he is far more open to trying new things. 

I also try, where possible, to get him involved in the cooking, which is why you’ll see him appear in some of the videos, this is something we do as often as we can. I’m so pleased with his progress as an eater now and am keen to share my recipes, tricks and tips with other parents or people wanting to eat a healthier diet.”

From next week we’ll also be adding an extra focus for the Mums within our members, with a special ‘Mum series’.  We’ll be adding helpful content to our Instagram, Facebook and the members access area to help Mums look after themselves and not just their families during isolation.

Please do tag us in your pictures of any of our recipes you make, we would love to see them in action.


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