January 10

New Year New You – We don’t think so!!


This January we thought we’d link our newsletters to create a series for you, focussing on ‘better mindset’, ‘more movement’, ‘improving wellness’ and ‘better nutrition’ to start the year on a positive! 

This is the first in our series and today we are going to talk to you about better mindset.

Don’t buy into the New Year New You fad, you don’t need to reinvent yourself, just small simple changes can make so much difference.

At this time of year the media goes crazy for diet supplements, diet plans, workout tutorials etc etc, our lives are flooded with new year new you hype and it’s extremely hard to not buy into it or escape away from it. 

A new diet or fitness regime is all very well if you need a kick start, something to get you motivated and on the right path, but all you really need to do is move more than you eat and try to eat a better variety! 

Here are 5 positive mindset tips that can easily be incorporated into your daily life to help with your overall mind health.

  1. Success is the formation of daily habits, not a once in a lifetime transformation” Quote by James Clear – Atomic Habits.  When you apply this logic to your everyday life and your mindset, implementing changes becomes a lot easier. 
  2. Success is personal to the individual, it can take on many forms. Try not focus on how successful you are in one certain area, but how you can change the smaller things to create overall success in many areas.
  3. Adding Rewards – If you’re struggling to get to grips with something new, place a reward on it for once you’ve completed the task, this will shift your mindset off the new and daunting task and focus it on the lovely reward at the end.
  4. Have fun! Finding a hobby or exercise that you enjoy is hugely key, if you enjoy it you will want to continue with it and then you’ll reap the benefits.  That’s why we see such fantastic results from our bootcampers, we work as a team, motivate and encourage each other all while having fun.
  5. Practice Gratitude – If you find it hard to shake a bad mood or negative mindset, for example you wake up to a dark, rainy morning and you instantly think “Urgh I have to exercise today” shift your mindset from “I have to” to “I get to” this will add gratitude and appreciation for what you are able to do during your day, every day simple things that we often take for granted.  People often focus on what they can’t do and what they don’t have, rather than what they can do and what they do have.


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