April 14

Online Coffee Mornings


We wanted to let you know that we have now scheduled coffee mornings into the booking system!  

Because community is so needed right now. 

Yes I know booking for it is strange! 

But that way you’ll get the meeting links emailed and I won’t have to send them out! 

Also it adds to the social accountability factor. 

It obviously doesn’t count as a session, so don’t worry the booking system won’t count it!!

I’ve gone for the random time of Thursday at 10.15am. 

Mainly because it’s the end of the week and you may have a lesser work load. 

But also you may feel that you need a chat and a catch up after a working week. 

They’re 30 min catch ups, but you can stay on longer if you like!

So join us this Thursday 16th April for coffee online.

See you then 😊


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