June 24

Our top tips for enjoying nature in the summer!


With summer FINALLY arriving we hope you are enjoying this Beautiful Weather!

At Bootcamp SE16, we always encourage our members and followers to get outside for some fresh air and to connect with nature at all times of the year.

As June is Great Outdoors Month I thought it was the perfect time to let you know how you can still enjoy the beautiful outdoors in the hotter months. See below for our top tips 👇

🌡️Get Outside early- Whether you are exercising outdoors, visiting a local park or attending a market, we recommend choosing the early mornings which are always so fresh and peaceful! The temperature is lower in the early mornings and the air is less polluted meaning it is both cooler and safer. 

🌡️Find Water- A walk along a stream or river can be refreshing especially if it is shaded with trees. If it is safe to do so you could even dip your feet in the cool water. 

🌡️Discover Shade- If you are having a picnic or meeting friends in your local park, ensure you are under the natural shade of a tree. It can also be a good idea to plan a trip to a nearby forest as due to the dense trees there is always a lot of cool shade to be found. 

🌡️Dress Appropriately- Wearing loose, lightweight, light coloured clothing can make you sweat much less and feel more comfortable when the temperature soars. Don’t forget breathable shoes, a sun hat and sunscreen. 

🌡️Hydration- It is so pivotal to drink at least 2 litres of water each day regardless of weather, so when it is hot it is vital to drink fluids due to the water we naturally lose through sweating. Don’t forget, we can also eat our water through fruit and vegetables such as watermelon and lettuce- it all helps to reach our daily goal! 

Do remember to keep safe during the hot weather to ensure you can still enjoy our beautiful outdoors and keep active 🚶


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