August 12

Outdoor training is more environmentally friendly!


With changes in the weather and recent concerns over climate change, we want to talk about the environmental benefits of outdoor training.

Here are our top reasons why joining an outdoor fitness facility such as Bootcamp SE16 will not only be a step towards a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle but how it also helps the environment, both globally and locally ⬇️⬇️⬇️

💚Outdoor fitness is very different to training in a gym. When training outdoors we don’t need to use energy for lights, powering exercise machines and air conditioning, therefore we have a much lower carbon footprint.  Gyms are full of rowing, running and cross trainer machines which are all made from plastic and which have been shipped across the world. At Bootcamp you will find preloved items such as old tractor tyres, car tyres and battle ropes which make for a fun and interesting way to work out.

💚 Yes the Gym might have TV but is it not better to switch off completely for an hour and train in the outdoors with nature? Plus think of all that energy that could be saved from not running the TV at the Gym!

💚 At Bootcamp SE16 we encourage our members to bring reusable water bottles to sessions to encourage using less plastic, which is much better than the endless plastic cups used for water machines at Gyms.

💚 We train in local woodlands and are very passionate about protecting the area in which we train. We therefore organise regular volunteer work for the woodlands and litter picking/woodland tidying with our members, which not only gets our step count up but also helps keep the woodlands safe for local wildlife and for humans to enjoy and be safe in too!

Did you know there are also other advantages to training outdoors? 

✅ Exercising outdoors boosts your mood, mental strength, your immune system and your energy levels, plus it improves your eye sight!

✅ It is much more hygienic to train outdoors than in a stale sweaty gym, using equipment that has previously been sweat all over 🤢.  It is much better to exercise outdoors in the open, breathe in fresh air, reduce paper towel waste and there’s a lot more space for distancing!

✅ Physical activity outdoors lowers a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, exercise outdoors feels less strenuous than similar exercise indoors, which pushes you closer to your maximum performance. So exercising outdoors actually gives you a better workout. 

You really cannot beat being outside, in fresh air and training amongst friendly welcoming members of your local community ♻️🌱💚🌍


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