February 23

Proud to be a Myzone facility


We have finally decided to take the jump to become a Myzone facility!

This will open up some great opportunities for you and all our members.

Let me explain how…

Myzone is a heart rate training system that offers more than stats, it will open up a whole new community and workout experience.

Everyone wanting to be involved would need to have a belt – Whilst wearing a myzone belt we will be able to see how hard you’re working and either encourage you to work harder or drop you back depending on your goals.

When you wear the belt in workouts you gain whats known as MEPS, myzone effort points and you receive badges when you hit milestones.

During all your workouts, whether you attend online sessions, complete a run, bike ride or outdoor buddy sessions, your myzone app will display how hard you’re working and this will enable you to achieve more.

There will be leader boards and a community zone. The app displays what zone you’re in, again it will help us get more out of you when needed and give you awesome data like output measures in MEPS, calories burned and averages etc.

Myzone also offer a range of LIVE sessions that you can book into through the app, where all our sessions will be featured too.  Once booked in, you open the app when our sessions start and you can track all your outputs, you’ll be able to see the community and see all your efforts made .

With Myzone we can hold challenges within our facility and against other facilities and can even pair communities up with community chat groups.

It’s pretty smart kit and will revolutionise what we do!

All you’ll need is a belt which will be sold at a special intro price of £68 (RRP is £120), this is then yours for life. The belt connects to the free MYZONE app that you can download to your phone and once you have the belt, we will take you on a virtual tour!


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