Discover a Retreat Like No Other, Where Community and Fun Go Hand in Hand!

Introducing the Bootcamp SE16 Fitness Retreat, the ultimate immersive experience!

Escape to the mountains of Barcelona and join us at our secluded, purpose-built Villa for a one-of-a-kind fitness experience that places a strong emphasis on community, relaxation, and fun. Submerge yourself in this unique retreat and elevate your fitness journey.

Would you like to experience the following?

A stress free holiday fully organised, allowing you to relax and not worry about a thing! 

An opportunity to reset, recharge and come back feeling refreshed and energized!

A sense of adventure, discovering new cultures,  exploring unfamiliar locations and indulging in delicious local cuisines!

An inclusive holiday with an opportunity to make great friends and create unforgettable memories!

If so, you’re in the right place…

Are you ready for the ultimate fitness and wellness getaway? Join us for our second fitness retreat to beautiful Barcelona in October 2024!

Experience the best of both worlds as we explore the city,  the mountains and the beaches with exciting excursions and delicious local cuisine. This all-inclusive retreat is tailored for you, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy.

“This exclusive opportunity is not to be missed and is VERY affordable and worth every minute.” 

Our Retreat is led by fitness expert Stephanie Jannati, who has had 20 years experience in the fitness and wellness industry!

Get away from the daily routine and immerse yourself in nature with outdoor activities, delicious local food and time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Connect with yourself, with nature and with our community in the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona.

You'll stay in a spacious villa with a tennis court, large pool, roof terrace and an impressive sauna with mountain views. All transfers, excursions, fitness and yoga sessions, meals, snacks and entertainment are included.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to reset, recharge and come back feeling refreshed and energized. Our previous retreats have been a huge success and members have even had follow-up meet-ups since returning home.

The Right Balance of Rest and Activity

Find the perfect balance of exercise, relaxation, and fun at our retreat, designed to rejuvenate and energize without overwhelming you

You will experience a balance between fitness, rest and fun, good nutrition and treats, whilst culturally exploring a new location and working on yourself, which we all know is so important.

This retreat will be the right mix of fun, fitness and relaxation and we guarantee you will love it!

Imagine taking walks in vineyards, practicing yoga in the mountains, then relaxing in a sauna and finishing the days savouring delicious food -  it's an experience too tempting to resist!

We have arranged a beautiful private villa with scenic grounds and a large pool in a property that caters for up to 16 people.

Each day, our expert Chef will be in the kitchen to cook your meals from scratch, and you can observe the process. We can even accommodate a variety of dietary requirements, including vegan, vegetarian, and food intolerances.

The property includes plenty of amenities, such as; a pool table, tennis courts, volleyball court, table tennis, large outdoor pool with mountain view, alfresco dining, large sauna with mountain views and indoor entertaining area.

The Details:

Get ready for an unforgettable 5-day trip where every day is filled with exhilarating experiences, yet still leaving you with enough leisure time to relax and rejuvenate.

We have a total of 14 spaces available, including one en-suite room, five double rooms, and a shared room for females and males each with a maximum occupancy of 4 people

This adventure is both budget-friendly and packed with value, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to make the most out of their experience. You'll have an experience that you'll remember for a lifetime

2024 October Retreat Dates and Information:

This October Retreat will be running from 2nd October to the 6th, prices are inclusive of transfers, transport through-out the trip, all food, snacks and some beverages, all excursions, fitness sessions, use of amenities and entertainment. For a Brochure and Full Itinerary click the link below!

What to expect on Your Retreat:

Introducing our exciting excursions on our fitness retreat, which make up the bulk of our holiday, offering the perfect opportunity to explore new cultures, and soak up the beautiful surroundings while you work on your fitness journey. Join us and experience the best of both worlds, where you can focus on your fitness goals and also discover new and exciting destinations...

Join us on a beach trip to Cubelles beach where you'll start the day with a fun and invigorating training session. After the workout, you'll have ample time to relax and soak up the sun on the beach. Take a dip in the tranquil cove, explore the beach and collect shells!

Join us for an indulgent excursion on our Wine and Walking Tour, where we will take a guided hike through the picturesque vineyards of D.O Penedes. The approximately 10km hike boasts a gentle maximum gradient of 100m, making for an enjoyable walk through the vineyards. Our knowledgeable guide will accompany us on the hike, providing insight into the history of the area and its produce, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding scenery. We will take a break along the way for a scenic packed lunch before heading to the renowned Cellar of Pinord for a delightful wine and chocolate tasting to cap off the hike.

Discover the beauty of Tarragona with our exhilarating excursion, featuring a captivating Nordic Walking adventure along its stunning beaches.

Kick-start your day with a rejuvenating training session to invigorate your senses and prepare you for the Nordic Beach Walking Tour ahead.

After breakfast, accompanied by our knowledgeable tour guide Vanessa, we'll journey to Tarragona for an unforgettable Nordic beach walk spanning approximately 7km.

Vanessa, fluent in both English and Spanish, will lead us through the historic ruins of Tarragona, offering fascinating insights into its rich history and cultural heritage.

Here’s what our clients had to say about our last Retreat:

"I joined Bootcamp SE16 for its inaugural fitness retreat with my wife who's a member, and I have to say, it's the best retreat I've ever been on! From the tennis court and beach HIIT workouts, to the hill walking, mountain biking, yoga and sauna days, this retreat had a bit of everything. Steph, the owner, was a constant ball of energy, always around to motivate you from the moment you woke up. She pushes you to work hard and is conscious of everyone's ability, regardless of your level of fitness. Being a former Royal Marine, I'm always a bit apprehensive trialing new fitness groups but my wife encouraged me to give it ago, and I'm so pleased I did. I love Steph's drive and enthusiasm, so-much-so, I drove from Newquay to London to do an in-person workout, and I saw first hand the commitment she receives from everyone, giving it their all and being there for each other, encouraging and supporting. Whether you're new to fitness, need a push to get going again, or are veteran like me and want a new challenge, with a great atmosphere, look no further than Bootcamp SE16 - awesome job Steph!"


"I had high expectations for this retreat based on my experience with you and Bootcamp to date and even those were exceeded! I honestly have no words to describe how much I loved every moment of the retreat and how grateful I am for everything you did to make it so amazing!"


"The Bootcamp retreat is a unique experience! Steph created an amazing opportunity for the participants to not only level up their workouts and build confidence (Steph is great at pushing people just to the right level!) but build stronger friendships meanwhile. I truly loved every moment and can't wait to go again! The amazing group of people, where I feel that I have formed stronger friendships with some people with whom I have been merely working out next to until now. The beautiful location, where I discovered how much more there is beyond Barcelona - I love it!  All in all, I'd like to say that this was a phenomenal experience."


Discover a Retreat Like No Other Where Community and Fun Go Hand in Hand!