September 14

September is the month to make it happen!

You may have heard a lot about January being the time to start new routines, but we have some breaking news… September is actually the perfect time of the year for this! It’s time to prioritise your health and fitness, and make 2023 a productive year.

Here at Bootcamp SE16 we’re in the midst of our September challenge, helping our members keep on top of their fitness during this time. We do this every year and pride ourselves on it!

 We do a fitness test at the start and end of the September challenge to see how our sessions have helped people, with goal setting to help our members stay accountable long after September.

Check out WHY September is such a great time for fitness 👇

💥New start

September is the month of back to school and work after a wonderful summer of living up an all inclusive life. Now we are back and it’s a great opportunity and time for a fresh start and a new routine

💥Make 2023 yours

You can turn your 2023 around. It is never too late to start working on yourself. You can make this year a great one and achieve good progress towards your goals.

💥Start a routine

Take advantage of the evenings being light so you’re into a routine before the nights start drawing in. This means you’re much more likely to stay on top of it in the run up to Christmas and beat the January fitness crowd!

💥Our health is the most important thing

Health and wellbeing leads to a productive life as keeping our organs healthy is essential for proper functioning. As health is the state of physical, mental and social well-being, having good health is super important.

There’s no excuse not to get involved in a new health and fitness regime. Set yourself some short, medium and longer term goals and get started! 


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