March 3

Set yourself a challenge to better your fitness and confidence

At Bootcamp SE16 we love a challenge!

Why are Fitness challenges important? 

Challenges are a great way to motivate yourself and to give meaning and outcomes to your workouts.

Challenges make workouts more enjoyable and fun and can also be a great way to build social support.

A fitness challenge will improve your fitness and your mental health.

Challenges help you stay accountable and set some structure and consistency for yourself.

A challenge can help you get in a routine of working out, eating healthy, and taking time for yourself.

It helps you to plan out your life around your health, and that habit is important in creating a healthy lifestyle.

As a bootcamp we find it important to give our members challenges throughout the year.

Our next challenge will be starting this month when we will implement a training challenge during our Monday night sessions that will help you get faster, fitter and stronger!


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