March 29

Spring forward!


The clocks have now gone forward by one hour, ready for us to enjoy longer and lighter evenings ahead!

With Spring arriving and lockdown soon ending, we wanted to ask you what good habits you’ve formed during lockdown that you intend to keep going with?

We put this question to our members and the most popular response was going for a daily walk.

It’s so important to get outside in the fresh air and get your body moving, especially if you work at a desk.  Fresh air helps you sleep better, it can help relieve stress after a busy day and clears your mind ready for the next day ahead.

One thing lockdown has taught us all is the importance of getting outside each day.

Meal planning was another popular answer from our members. If you’ve been better prepared with your meals and snacks whilst spending more time at home, try to carry this on.  Making snacks to take to work with you and a packed lunch will not only save money but save on calories if you buy a pre-packaged lunch.

Once you’re in the habit of taking a little time to prepare and prep, this habit soon becomes a natural part of your daily life.

Fitting exercise into your day – we’ve found many of our members have become better at making exercise a priority in their day and boy have they reaped the benefits from doing so!

The only real way to stay consistent with exercise is to fully commit to the 2, 3 or 4 times a week that you do it and give it your all in every session or workout or run that you do to really maximise your results.

Checking in on those around you has never been more important!  Covid has really forced people to keep in virtual contact when they physically were unable to.  It’s bought about the realisation that everyday struggles do exist and has encouraged people to talk more about them. Knowing someone is there are the press of a button is such a huge support.

Appreciating the places you used to visit and the people you used to see; perhaps you’ve started a list of things you cannot wait to do once allowed?  A list of places to visit once they reopen and the people you would most like to go there with!

Or perhaps you’re feeling hesitant and want to slow the pace?  However you’re feeling, please know that it’s normal to be apprehensive, there is no right or wrong way to navigate the changes we’re about to encounter, you need to do what feels right for you and only you can be the judge of that.

In the meantime, keep moving, keep getting fresh air and keep appreciating all that we can enjoy.


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