November 9

Step away from your screen this lockdown


Now that lockdown is in full swing, we’d hate to think of you sat at home for too long, missing socialising and seeing friends. 

This time around with take-aways and public toilets open, as well as parks and walks, we want you to get out and enjoy what we’re able to while we can!

We’ve put together some ideas of things you can do, especially while mother nature is blessing us with this lovely weather, it’s so mild for November.

1. Check out these great walking routes near to Canada Water

The Thames Path walk:

Docklands to London Bridge walk – this 5.5mile walk starts from Canada Water Underground Station, download the PDF with map and full details:

Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks 4 mile circular route:

2. Have a night out, outside

Walk into London, taking in all the Christmas lights and festive decorations that are starting to appear, get some food to take away from one of the many places that are still serving, find some seating and enjoy dinner outside. 

As we’re allowed to meet with one person outside still you could do this with your buddy from your sessions, make it something really social, just what Bootcamp is all about! 

Or if you live with someone head out with them, it gets you both away from the TV for the evening, giving a much needed change of scenery and the chance to really chat and clear your heads after a hard day or weeks work. 

Canada Water Café is now serving deli items to take away; you could order a take away brunch, grab a bottle of Prosecco or some gins in a tin, find somewhere comfy for your picnic blanket and enjoy being outside, eating food you haven’t had to prepare, whilst also supporting a great local business. 

3. Find the Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay in you

Dedicate one evening a week to cooking a new meal, dig out those cookbooks you never look at, or check out some of our recipes in the member access area and prepare a whole meal from scratch.  

Put some music on in the kitchen while you do so, grab yourself a glass of wine, chat with your housemates while cooking or listen to a podcast.  If you live alone, set a facetime call up with a friend and chat as you cook.

Pick a daring recipe that you wouldn’t usually try, or batch cook extra portions to stock up your freezer. 

If you’re really new to cooking, sign up to a food delivery box such as Hello Fresh, Gousto or Mindful Chef, for simple step by step recipes of new dishes to tickle your taste buds. 

4. Start your day with a walk

Set your alarm 20-30 minutes early, or set aside what would have been your commute time and use it go for a walk before you start work. 

Take a cuppa in a reusable cup, pop some headphones in with music, a podcast or an audio book and take some time to start your day with fresh air. 

Getting a walk in before work helps to switch your mind off and focus on other things, you’ll be far more productive for the day ahead.

5. Become a tourist in your own town.

London is right on your doorstep with so much to offer! Whilst museums and art galleries are shut, street art is still open and outdoor history is still available to be found.

Street art along Southbank, under Waterloo station and in Shoreditch, find out all the details:
I found this great link for the top 10 historical walks around London:
That’s a walk each day for the next 3 weekends of lockdown with some to spare!

If you’ve any other great ideas to share with fellow Bootcampers, please do let us know!


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