July 6



Every year Bootcamp se16 celebrate their birthday with games and a fun day style session.

Due the current pandemic and with social distancing in place, this year we wanted to go one step further for our birthday and bring you something different that can also be completed with social distancing in place.

We also wanted to create a fun challenge that all can get on board with to create some hype for our fun day.

And so I bring you the Games!

On August the 8th we will celebrate our 7th Birthday with a two hour training session bought to you by myself and our trainers Temi, Sarah, Izzy, Ksenia and Ellie. 

After you’ve registered for this session you will be placed into a team and throughout this session you will be working to complete points for your team to aim to win the games. 

For the next 6 weeks we challenge you to begin your game training with us online. In some of our online sessions we will focus on your GAME training. You may see a G on the timetable next to some classes, to mark which sessions will involve an element of this fun challenge.

Now don’t worry, even if you don’t plan on attending on the 8th you can still attend these sessions and complete them as normal. 

We look forward to challenging you over the next 6 weeks within our online training sessions to prep you for GAME day on the 8th August.

To reserve your place on the 8th click the link below.

We will confirm closer to the time whether the Games will be held outdoors or online.


I look forward to training you over the next 6 weeks for the Games


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