June 26

The Importance of Community

Sometime’s working out becomes more than just keeping fit and working on your health, it becomes a way to stay motivated with a better mind set and be more in touch with people.

When we ask our members what’s the thing they enjoy the most about Bootcamp SE16 the most common answer we get back is the camaraderie and the community.

You will not find a more inclusive bunch of friendly people than the members of Bootcamp SE16.

A combination of our full outdoor and online timetable, regular socials and our special events throughout the year such as our Womens Wellness Event (happening tomorrow!) and Bootcamp Birthday ensure there are plenty of ways for our members to socialise and be part of a team.

What makes us more than just a Bootcamp is the genuine people that make up our community alongside myself (Steph) and Maria (my admin) who keep on top of everyone’s motivation and ensure they are reaching their full fitness potential.

We often tell new joiners that one thing all our members have in common is the fact they they want to push themselves and encourage those around them, whilst having fun!

Community really is everything and we are so proud that Bootcamp SE16 is such a welcoming, inclusive group. ​



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