September 28

The Value of Bootcamp


During busy segments of life or times of financial worries exercise is often the first thing people sacrifice and this becomes even more likely when you’re working out alone.

When you have no one to keep you accountable the chances of you saying you’ll just ‘start again in the gym tomorrow’ increase.

However, when we look at the positive influence exercise has on us particularly in times of stress and uncertainty, it really should be the last thing to go.

Exercise’s connection to our mindset has been well supported and researched and ultimately the frame of mind we bring to our day can completely change its course 😌

So how can you keep on track even in times of stress and difficulty that a lot of us are facing at the moment?

💥Find a community to do it in. Not only does this increase the likelihood you will keep on track but being around other people is a medicine in itself!

💥Set yourself goals. No matter how small or big achieving a new fitness goal boosts your mood, increases self-confidence and helps with consistency.

💥Get outside when you are exercising. As the colder months draw in, our automatic reaction is to stay inside more. However, there is so much evidence that being outside and in nature has a huge benefit on our mental health.

💥Find an exercise you enjoy. So much of the time we force ourselves to complete fitness routines that we find boring or repetitive, but it really doesn’t have to be this way. Find something with variety and laughter!

If you need to cut out on things exercise shouldn’t be the first thing you sacrifice. When we reflect on the positive impact it brings to our lives there are so many other things which we should but don’t prioritise beneath it!

All of the above reasons are why training with Bootcamp SE16 brings value to you in more ways than just working out and is why you are so much more likely to stick to a good structure during the tough times with us 🙌



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